Assalaamu Alaikum
Welcome to the Golden Mosque Rochdale website. Please be patient while our preliminary efforts to make the mosque more accessible to the community take shape . We intend to update the site regularly, so please add this page to your bookmarks and check back often. As always, we welcome all feedback and are extremely grateful for all your support.
Thank you for visiting and may peace be upon you.


Latest Happenings

**New Free weekly Classes**

New weekly class: an in depth study of Imam Nawawi’s classical hadith collection Riyadh us saliheen.
Starting Friday 28th December after Isha 7pm at Golden Mosque, Rochdale.
Brothers and sisters welcome.
Taught in English by the respected scholar Maulana Shabbir Sialvi.

Biography of Maulana Shabbir Sialvi
Born and bred in Oldham he studied the Dars e Nizami course in Lahore Pakistan. He also completed a B.A degree in Arabic and Islamic studies at Sargodha University. He then undertook an extensive hadeeth course in Bradford UK at Suffa tul Islam with Shaikh Muhammad Habib ur Rahman Mahboobi. He is currently teaching several courses in the North West and is completing a BSc in Physics

Weekly lectures will be uploaded inshallah, However the following are latest lecture;

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

(…..thanks to ‘deceptionfree’ – Youtube)

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Free 12 Week Course

Salam (wb) you can now listen to the weekly talks so far by Imam Asim Hussain on the topic: ‘Journey through the Prophetic Seerah’.

The talks are still running every monday after isha salah and will be uploaded to listen to on facebook/

Lesson 1 : The Prophets existence before Birth and World before Islam -
Lesson 2 : Birth of the Prophet and its miracles -
Lesson 3 : Childhood till Announcement of Prophethood -
Lesson 4 : 13 years struggle in Makkah -
Lesson 5 : The Heavenly Ascention -

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Upcoming Events

Event : Shab e baraah

Date : Wednesday 4th July
Time : After Maghrib(9:45pm) till Isha(11:45pm Jama’at)
Venue : Golden Mosque, Rochdale OL12 6TG

There will be a short programme including, quran recitation, nasheed, short talk in english, Salat ul Tasbih and Zikr. Concluding with a grave yard visit.

Brother and Sisters welcome.

The Educational Imperative


Ustadh Ibrahim Osi Efa
Ustadh Haroon Hanief


Golden Mosque
Friday 6th July
7.00pm – 9.00pm

Everyone is welcome

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New Website

Welcome to the new Golden Mosque website!

Developed around a popular blogging platform, the new site makes it easier for multiple members of the Golden Mosque team to update regularly and keep you informed on activities taking place at the mosque on behalf of the community.

As of yet comments and user sign-ups have been disabled to prevent misuse, but we will review this decision in the near future (insha’Allah)

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